Organic & Hydroponic Growing Supplies

SoCo Organics offers only the best brand names in the growing game! With hundreds of products available for a grower, the amount of choices one must make to be successful can often be overwhelming and even costly! This is why we take the in-store product selection process seriously and may not stock what is trending. Instead, we offer only the top rated and proven products in the market! Our staff trials each brand sold in stores, not only to develop the expertise with each line but to also ensure quality of the output! If it’s sold in-store, our customers can trust that it is a leading brand within the industry! 

SoCo Organics Exclusive Nutrient Brands:

Key To Life Nutrients (KTL)
SoCo Organics is proud to be Southern Colorado’s preferred dealer for Key to Life Nutrients, an organic nutrient company located in Broomfield, CO! KTL specializes in organic, plant-based, water-soluble plant nutrients, supplements, inoculants and amendments. “At Key To Life, our mission is to be a front-runner in the practice of organic and environmentally sustainable agriculture, horticulture, and hydroponics; to encourage responsible stewardship of the planet, because ‘we do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.’” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). We encourage all growers to consider Key to Life products when taking an organic approach to growing!

Try KTL on us!

Be sure to take advantage of Microbe Mondays at SoCo Organics! Stop in every Monday for a FREE GALLON of Key to Life Microbial Tea! If possible, please remember to bring your own jug!

Learn more about Key to Life Nutrients by visiting their website or visit the store for samples!! 

GreenLife Biotics (GLB)
SoCo Organics is the only store in Southern Colorado that offers GreenLife Biotics products! Our staff works closely with Tony, GLB Owner, who prior to launching the nutrient line operated a Pueblo based hemp farm! By utilizing chemistry to remove salts from the nutrient line (as low as 0.03%), GreenLife Biotics offers one of the cleanest most bio-available products on the market! “The founding principle of our products is Nutrient Efficiency, to improve soil structure and chelation of nutrients for healthier plants. GLB products have almost zero salts depending on the product to make all of our nutrient and microbial products completely available to the plant.” GLB offers grower’s an excellent combination of clean, synthetic nutrients with organic nutrients for incredible results in the garden! We recommend GLB nutrients for grower’s looking to maximize the best of both growing approaches!

Learn more about GreenLife Biotics by visiting their website or visit the store for samples!! 

Additional Preferred Vendors in stock: 

Not seeing what you need?

If we do not stock your preferred brand, let us help make a comparable recommendation with an in-store item, or custom order the products for you! Our lead time depends on product availability and also on how immediate the product is needed. (additional shipping charges may apply)

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Rosin Press: $50
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