Creative Gardens

From Terrarium Supplies, Air Plants, Local Garden Art, Vertical Gardens, and even events, creative gardening is one of our passions! Let our staff help you with your next creative gardening project!

Air plants & Terrarium Supplies:

SoCo Organics has a large selection of air plants and terrarium supplies available year-round! Air plants, of the Bromeliacae family, are plants that uptake their nutrition through the air. They do not live in dirt like typical plants but rather live in the air without a root system! Air plants are easy to care for and require bright, indirect light making them a versatile plant for any level of grower!

SoCo Organics offers a selection of supplies for terrarium creations and welcomes customers to bring in their own vessel! Additionally, we offer to-go kits and pre-designed terrariums. For more info on air plant care, visit our Resources page  and download our care instructions! 


Local Art:

SoCo Organics is a proud supporter of the arts, especially garden art! Visit the store to view works by two local artists, SoCo Organics’ General Manager Caitlin Lorenz and Ceramic Artist Karen Gale. Caitlin and Karen collaborate on “dish gardens”; beautiful, unique small space gardens ideal for any plant lover! Additionally, Caitlin leads a Puff & Paint class and other creative gardening events throughout the year! 

Join SoCo Organics and other local businesses on each month’s First Friday for the First Friday Art Walk on Union Ave! 


GrowUp Green Vertical Gardens:

In partnership with Colorado Living Walls, we can design a unique vertical garden concept that allows you to grow on any wall, anywhere! GrowUp GreenWalls is a unique vertical garden system that is both flexible and versatile. From decorative gardens to vertical farming, GrowUp GreenWalls systems are fully automated with a pump and irrigation system, maximize potential growing space, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoors! The green wall can be customizable to your space and is easy to maintain! Contact us today to get your vertical garden growing or learn more by visiting our Resources  page  

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Twister T4: $150
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Trimpal: $50 cleaning fee

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Trimpal: $125
Rosin Press: $50
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