Maci & Bunta

Shop Mascots

Maci is a Horse Coat Chinese Shar Pei. She loves sunbathing, barking at squirrels, and the two “w”s, working and walking! Maci considers herself the shop’s guard dog and loves meeting people from a distance at the comfort of her shop “throne”

Bunta is a Chinese Shar Pei & Lab mix. He loves socializing with customers, playing with toys and being silly. Bunta will welcome you with kisses and a joyful demeanour, happily accepting all the love he can get from people!

Request a Reservation

Please fill out all required boxes:

*All reservations require a deposit. Deposits are 100% refundable, given the equipment is returned in the same condition.
Deposit fees:
Twister T4: $150
Trimpal: $125
Rosin Press: $50

*There is a non negotiable cleaning fee for the rental of trimmer machines as we ask that customers do not clean any of the rental units.
Twister T4: $75 cleaning fee
Trimpal: $50 cleaning fee

*Daily rental rates (24 hour period): Twister T4: $150;=
Trimpal: $125
Rosin Press: $50
Terms & Conditions:
*All reservations must be paid in full on the day of pick up.
*Renter will be held financially responsible for any broken parts that resulted during the disassembly of the unit, improper transportation or use of the unit.
*The name on the reservation request must match the name of the person who picks up the machine. No exceptions can be made.
*All reservations require a valid CREDIT CARD and a matching ID. No reservations will be accepted without a valid Credit Card for our records.