Living Walls


Our modu lar living wall system be built into any space, no matter the size, and doesn’t require any tricky installations or renovations. If your office is already small, it allows you to introduce the greenery and live plants you want without overcrowding your space or needing to do a major staff reshuffle. A view of nature makes workers less frustrated, more patient, more productive, and physically healthier.

A vertical garden not only takes up less space than a traditional garden, it also reduces water usage by up to 80%! With green offices becoming all the rage, social responsibility and being water-wise is something most businesses are conscious of. If you use a GrowUp vertical garden, our unique watering system ensures that you’re re-using and recycling excess water instead of pumping in a fresh supply. It’s been proven that plants absorb sound and a vertical garden gives you the chance to take advantage of this. Similar to planting trees along a loud highway, plants boast
sound absorbing capabilities that can work just as effectively in an indoor environment as an outdoor setting.

Bringing nature into an office helps liven up your space and gives people a sense of happiness. Biophilic Design uses our innate attraction to nature and natural processes to create a human centred approach that improves many of the spaces that we live and work in today with benefits to our health and well-being. Did you know that the air inside a building can be up to 100 times dirtier than outside? Needless to say, carbon dioxide munching plants help circulate oxygen and produce cleaner air, and because these plants are being cultiva ted indoors, they’re not tainted by outdoor influences like pollution and dust. Plants in the workspace can increase attention span, improve creativity, lower stress, and stabilize mood. With a vertical garden, you can have more plants in a smaller space, which means you’re getting more clean and fresh air, every single day.

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*All reservations require a deposit. Deposits are 100% refundable, given the equipment is returned in the same condition.
Deposit fees:
Twister T4: $150
Trimpal: $125
Rosin Press: $50

*There is a non negotiable cleaning fee for the rental of trimmer machines as we ask that customers do not clean any of the rental units.
Twister T4: $75 cleaning fee
Trimpal: $50 cleaning fee

*Daily rental rates (24 hour period): Twister T4: $150;=
Trimpal: $125
Rosin Press: $50
Terms & Conditions:
*All reservations must be paid in full on the day of pick up.
*Renter will be held financially responsible for any broken parts that resulted during the disassembly of the unit, improper transportation or use of the unit.
*The name on the reservation request must match the name of the person who picks up the machine. No exceptions can be made.
*All reservations require a valid CREDIT CARD and a matching ID. No reservations will be accepted without a valid Credit Card for our records.