Jeremy McDonough

Consultant/Sales Associate

My Garden Story

In 2014, I moved from Wyoming to Pueblo, hoping to be a part of the Growing Community and the opportunities that came with the emerging market! Despite not having the slightest clue on how to grow plants, I dove head first into YouTube, books, and online forums to teach myself all that I could learn about growing! First, I became familiar with growing plants as many different ways as I possibly could, beginning with Hydroponics and Deep Water Culture, Aeroponics, and eventually with living and organic soils. Once I was able to grow effectively in all types of media, I started experimenting with different nutrients, both organic and synthetic, different brands of light spectrums and light fixtures, different growing environments, and even different plant varieties and strains! I discovered through my years of experimenting that I simply have a passion for growing and helping others grow, also! Through this journey of horticulture, building custom grow systems and designing grow environments, I went through the “gardener’s trials” and quickly gained the knowledge and experience I needed to be a successful grower.

In 2019 I was blessed with the opportunity to work at SoCo Organics as a Consultant and Sales Associate. Nowadays I enjoy growing my own food and medicine and enjoy encouraging others in our community to do so as well. My motto for growing is “Push It To The Limits!” 

Favorite Plants To Grow: Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm, Spyder plants and Coleus varieties.

Specialties: My specialties include designing and building Hydroponic/Deep Water Culture growing systems, developing custom feeding regimens for growers, and indoor growing environment and lighting layouts. I also have experience with 120/240v electrical upgrades and repairs for lighting.

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