FoxFarm Big Bloom

Product Overview
Organically registered (CDFA) with a low NKP (0 – .5 – .7), FoxFarm’s Big Bloom is a blend of high quality ingredients designed to help plants with fruit & flower production.
Big Bloom is a gentle fertilizer that is effective in all stages of the plant cycle and can be used with every feeding. Grower’s often confuse Big Bloom as the FoxFarm “bloom” supplement; however, it should actually be considered the “micro” in the trio of FoxFarm’s liquid fertilizers. Effective more as a biocatalyst, Big Bloom is composed of Earthworm Castings, Bat & Seabird Guano, Rock Phosphate, Sulfate of Potash Magnesia, and Kelp. Some added benefits of incorporating Big Bloom in your feed schedule include:
immediately available & organically sourced plant food, improved
nutrient uptake (from the kelp), bigger & more buds (from the rock
phosphate), and increased essential oil production!

Grower’s Tips!
★ Because Big Bloom is enzymatically predigested, it
does not need to be aerated or “bubbled”. It is an
immediately available food source for your soil! For
maximum effect use in conjunction with Grow Big & Tiger
★ Considered more of a catalyst, Big Bloom greatly
improves nutrient uptake and should not be be considered a
blooming supplement.
★ The use of fossilized guanos and castings changes
the nutrient content from high Nitrogen (N) to high
Phosphorus (P) content, which is a necessary micronutrient
required for both root and flower development.
★ Big Bloom has the added benefit of stress relief for
root systems. Great product to use after transplanting!

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