SoCo Organics and Garden Center - Pueblo, Colorado
Downtown Pueblo's only hydroponic
and organic garden center!
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Located on Union Avenue

SoCo Organics has become a hub for all growing styles.
We offer Southern Colorado education, knowledge and an organic approach to growing!

Local Gardening


Having a passion for the organic method, one of my unique skills is finding an organic approach to growing needs and problems. I apply the “Feed the Soil, not the Plant” approach to growing organically and strive to offer only scientific backed research and recommendations to all. 


Organic & Hydroponic Growing Supplies

SoCo Organics offers leading name brand supplies within the indoor/outdoor growing market! From nutrients to media and everything in between, it is our service & knowledge that stands out above the rest! Shop local, shop SoCo Organics!

Harvest Rentals & Supplies

Rent a Twister T4, TrimPal Dry Tumbler or a Rosin Press to make Harvest more labor and cost efficient! We also have Harvest tools and accessories! Reservations are available year-round!

Local CBD products

Colorado grown CBD products from three local businesses--Nature's Pharma Isolate based topicals and oils, Nectar CBD Full Spectrum Skin Care products, and CxByDz Isolate and Full Spectrum smokeables. Unsure which product is right for you? Visit us in-store today for easy to understand explanations and applications of each product!

Some of the additional services offered at SoCo Organics include:


Caitlin McDonough

General Manager

Bunta & Boaz

Shop Dogs

Jeremy McDonough

Consultant/Sales Associate

Fall Harvest is upon us! From scissors, drying racks and storage bags, SoCo Organics offers all your harvest processing and storage needs!

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Request a Reservation

Please fill out all required boxes:

*All reservations require a deposit. Deposits are 100% refundable, given the equipment is returned in the same condition.
Deposit fees:
Twister T4: $150
Trimpal: $125
Rosin Press: $50

*There is a non negotiable cleaning fee for the rental of trimmer machines as we ask that customers do not clean any of the rental units.
Twister T4: $75 cleaning fee
Trimpal: $50 cleaning fee

*Daily rental rates (24 hour period): Twister T4: $150;=
Trimpal: $125
Rosin Press: $50
Terms & Conditions:
*All reservations must be paid in full on the day of pick up.
*Renter will be held financially responsible for any broken parts that resulted during the disassembly of the unit, improper transportation or use of the unit.
*The name on the reservation request must match the name of the person who picks up the machine. No exceptions can be made.
*All reservations require a valid CREDIT CARD and a matching ID. No reservations will be accepted without a valid Credit Card for our records.